Proguard Fluoroscopic Gloves

Used during procedures requiring high tactile sensitivity, the ProGuard R-series & Protex radiation attenuation gloves are the industry leaders for protection against x-ray. Designed and produced in a new, modern manufacturing facility, our premium quality gloves are powder free, latex free, and sterile. The Proguard R-Series and Protex offers premium comfort and maximum protection at an affordable cost.

Our premium product is sold by the pair or pallet. Sample the world’s #1 glove today!

Protex is the same glove as the Proguard glove, but branded for Europe and CE.

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SKU RR1/RR2/RR3 | PX1/PX2/PX3 Category
Model: RR1/RR2/RR3 | PX1/PX2/PX3
Composition: Dry Natural Rubber + Lead Oxide
CE Marked: No | Yes
Sterilized: Ethilene Oxide
Resterilization: FDA mandates single use
Allergen Info: Powder-free | Made with Latex
Features: Anatomically Correct Finger Curvature
Procedures requiring high tactile sensitivity




Radiation attenuation gloves medical


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