Proguard Classic Attenuation Gloves

The classic ProGuard glove brings back everything you love and more in our original brown colored latex glove. Experience the premium quality, lead oxide which gives our glove its rich brown/orange color and smooth texture. Combined with the highest quality sourced latex, our ProGuard Classic glove provides unmatched tactile sensitivity and protection against x-ray.

Our premium product is sold by the pair or pallet. Sample the world’s #1 glove today!

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SKU PG1/PG2/PG3 Category
Model: PG1/PG2/PG3
Composition: Natural Rubber Latex + Lead Oxide
CE Marked: No
Sterilized: Ethilene Oxide
Resterilization: FDA mandates single use
Allergen Info: Powder-free | Made with Latex
Features: Anatomically Correct Finger Curvature
Procedures requiring high tactile sensitivity


PROGUARD CLASSIC specification


Radiation attenuation gloves medical


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